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        Mechanism of Pymetrozine Action

        Research using electro-penetration graph (EPG) technology shows that, whether it is drip, feeding or injection test, as long as aphids or planthoppers come into contact with pymetrozine, the needle blocking effect will occur almost immediately, and the feeding will be stopped immediately, and finally starvation Fatal, and the process is irreversible. Therefore, pymetrozine has an excellent function of blocking insect transmission. Although the mechanism of stylus obstruction caused by pymetrozine is not yet clear, existing studies have shown that this irreversible "stopping" is not caused by "antifeeding". The initial mortality rate of insects treated with pymetrozine is very low, and the insect "hungry moth" can survive for several days before death, and the mortality rate is related to climatic conditions. Experiments show that within 3 hours of chemical treatment, the feeding activity of aphids is reduced by about 90%, and the mortality rate is close to 48 hours after treatment.

        Pymetrozine has contact killing effect on pests and also has systemic activity. In plants, it can be transported in both the xylem and the phloem; therefore, it can be used as a foliar spray or soil treatment. Due to its good transport characteristics, the newly grown branches and leaves can also be effectively protected after the stems and leaves are sprayed.

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