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        How to use pymetrozine

        As a new type of insecticide, pymetrozine has many advantages, such as low toxicity, environmental protection, greenness, unique mechanism of action, and long lasting effect, making it one of the plant protection experts. Pymetrozine can be used to control most homopteran pests. Especially the Aphididae, Whiteflies, Leafhoppers and Planthoppers have an effective period of more than 20 days. The mechanism of action of the drug is the adult. After the nymphs come into contact with the drug, they will have a stylus blocking effect, stop feeding and become hungry. And die instead of touching the stomach poison. The mortality rate is not high 1-2 days after the drug, and it takes 2 days to gradually reach the peak of death, and some individuals even die in 5-7 days.

        Recently, the occurrence of rice planthoppers in some villages and towns in our county has been serious. As one of the pesticides, pymetrozine has a gradual increase in the prevention and control of planthoppers, but some people do not understand the mechanism of action. The mortality rate is not high, I mistakenly believe that the drug is ineffective, and eager to switch to other drugs for blind retreatment, which increases costs and takes man-hours and causes unnecessary losses. Therefore, when using pymetrozine to control rice planthoppers, it is recommended to use 24 Grams (3 packs) 25% pymetrozine suspension + 25% Sumethocarb EC 150g or +25% Fembucarb EC 150g and other good medicaments. The amount of water should not be less than 50 kg, and spray evenly during the peak period of nymphs , To achieve, long-term effect, reduce the cost of medication.

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